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Ten Of The Oldest Restaurants In Las Vegas

Here are ten of the oldest restaurants in Las Vegas that have stood the test of time:

1. Hugo's Cellar - Located inside the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, Hugo's Cellar has been serving fine dining cuisine since 1969.

2. Golden Steer Steakhouse - Dating back to 1958, the Golden Steer Steakhouse is a classic Vegas establishment known for its old-school charm and delicious steaks.

3. The Peppermill Restaurant - Open since 1972, The Peppermill is a retro-style diner famous for its oversized portions and iconic neon sign.

4. Bob Taylor's Original Ranch House - Established in 1955, Bob Taylor's Original Ranch House is a family-owned steakhouse with a rich history in Las Vegas.

5. Piero's Italian Cuisine - Serving traditional Italian dishes since 1982, Piero's is a favorite among locals and celebrities alike.

6. The Bootlegger Bistro - Opened in 1972, The Bootlegger Bistro is a classic Italian restaurant with a vintage Vegas vibe and live entertainment.

7. The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino - Dating back to 1906, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is home to Du-par's Restaurant, known for its famous pancakes and classic diner fare.

8. Casa di Amore - Open since 2001, Casa di Amore is a cozy Italian restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and live entertainment.

9. The Omelet House - Serving breakfast and lunch since 1979, The Omelet House is a popular spot for hearty omelets and other diner favorites.

10. The Egg & I - Established in 1966, The Egg & I is a classic breakfast spot known for its friendly service and delicious egg dishes.

These restaurants have withstood the test of time in a city known for constant change, making them beloved institutions in the Las Vegas dining scene.


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